Saturday, May 12, 2012

Going to Boston!

I am released on the world!
On June 24th, I'll be flying to Boston, Massachusetts so I can fulfil a life dream: I'll be seeing Iron fucking Maiden live. My passport came in yesterday, and it finally feels...real...that I will be going. My ticket comes from a friend of mine, Paul, better known as SinisterMinister X from the forums at Paul is flying to Boston from Denver, and he's also flying in my good pal Stefan (Perun) from Germany. Some other mates will be joining us, and we'll be staying at the apartment of our forum friend Natalie (Natalie).

So for four days, I'll get to meet guys and girls who I've been friends with for almost 10 years online, hang out with them, explore Boston with them, and then see the band who I have adored for my entire adult life.

Thanks Paul. You're a great friend, and this is going to be an amazing, wonderful, surely exhausting yet memorable trip.

Up the Irons!

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