Saturday, May 12, 2012

The coolest video game ever

Seriously, this is incredible.
Artemis is designed for anyone who watched Star Trek and dreamed of what it would be like to sit on the bridge of a star ship...everyone tends to snap into their role and share the information coming to them from their station while interacting with the crew and captain. The Helm station flies the Artemis. The Weapons station controls your offensive powers. Engineering moves power and handles repairs. Science can scan enemy ships and share intel. Communications allows you to interact with both enemy and friendly ships. Each station has information that must be shared with the rest of the crew to keep the ship healthy and flying.
The game costs $40 and you need 6 computers if you intend to play with all 6 stations (and why the hell wouldn't you?). Requirements are really low so you can bust out your old rigs to make the game work if needed. You also need a decent sized tv or a projector to serve as the view screen. Yes, you get a view screen.

The Penny Arcade article goes into this game in great depth, but what's really cool is that you can design your own missions and download custom mission packs. Upon realizing this game existed, I had a little geek-out session, waving my arms around with a big smile on my face. My friends very quickly called positions - science, helm, tactical, engineering, communications.

Which means I will get to be captain. This game is going to take a little setup time, but I have no doubt in my mind this will be $40 damn well spent.

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