Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fuck Russia

Seriously, fuck Russia.

What stupid douchebags they are. Yes, Syria is an area traditionally in the Soviet sphere of influence, but they're murdering their own people by the bucketload. Fuck Russia.

Fuck China too. It's pretty simple. These asshole countries don't want NATO kicking the ass of a country that kills their own people, because they kill their own people too and don't want to mix it up with NATO. I don't blame them. Some USS Enterprise + HMS Illustrious up their ass would fuck their day, assuming nobody presses the big red button.

But Syrians deserve rights. And NATO should protect those rights. I hope we roll in and give al-Assad the same big "fuck you" we gave to Gaddafi. AKA - I hope we bomb him into oblivion and make sure that the rebels have a fighting fucking chance. You can't just send tanks on your own people. We shouldn't put up with that. We shouldn't have to. We should stop this bullshit. We have the power, and we should use it for good. Not Iraq stuff...but actual good.

This is why Obama is a good president, btw. Because he works with NATO, because he respects the Arab League and other similar organizations. The Arab League begged the UN to intervene, but Russia said no. And China, but they'd have fallen in line.

Fuck you, Russia. I don't care how big the man-crush I have on Vladimir Putin is. Fuck you.

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