Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska so she can be even more crazy.

WTF. Seriously.

Death panels? Evil legislation. Terrible things. Obviously, people getting medical care is evil. This isn't even close to supported by fact, and I think it's evidence that Palin is clear off the deep end.

What a dummy, seriously. I hate to say things so brutally, but this woman is the worst thing to happen to US politics in a long time. She's kicked the debate in the nuts and brought it down to a new low. She's plainly not interested in facts. There is a good reason or two why Obama's plan isn't a good one, but libel is obviously the wrong way to go about it. I am quite sure that nowhere in the O-Man's plan is there a reference to a death panel that will decide whether or not Down's Syndrome babies live or die. The gun-toting small town mayor from Wasila probably has never read the proposal, and is just acting on her instinct: guv'mint's bad!

Honestly, I don't care if someone disagrees, but I do care about this sort of harmful, slathering nonsense. It's the same baseless accusations as we heard on the trail - Obama is "paling around with terrorists", or a secret Muslim, or what-have-you. It's frustrating, it's upsetting, and it HURTS AMERICA.

Sarah Palin, why do you hate America?

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Ian Andreas Miller said...

I agree!

By the way, it's always nice to get to know of other atheists in the Maritimes!

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