Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trivia Night Was A Success

That's right. Trivia Night was a success. It was beer o'clock when I got home yesterday, and so I drank a beer. And another beer. And another beer. And bbq'd. And drank another beer. Then I went to Scott's. And drank another beer.

Then we went to the Pub for Trivia.

Rick the Trivia Guy is pretty funny. Really offensive in places, but funny. But boy does he ask hard questions sometimes. And one of the teams is usually put together of professors from the university. Which means that we can get screwed pretty hard. And last night they brought in Bob Zecker, the certifiably insane US and immigration history prof.

So immediately, I was thinking....uhoh.

We lost three rounds (two to the profs, and 1 to Jordan's team) and then tied with Jordan's team for the last one. Which meant...sudden death overtime!

What was upsetting was I knew the answer to every one of Jordan's questions. The nation with the smallest army (Vatican)...and there were more, I was pretty drunk. And the trivia guy wanted to know what Halloween was originally celebrated as in Celtic folklore. I said "Samhain", and he thought that was wrong.


I won. I knew the answer to the last question, and damned if I can remember what it was, I just remember knowing I knew the answer as he said it. And then...drinking free beer.

It was a good night. We actually beat the profs!!

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