Friday, July 24, 2009

Fact: Birthers are idiots.

Fact: Birthers are idiots.

They aren't only idiots. They are gigantic, mouthbreathing, inbred morons. Asinine, low-brow, racist fucktards. Dickless, spineless, illogical assholes.

In fact, this conspiracy is the one to date that bothers me the most. You know, I can see how some people wouldn't want to believe man landed on the moon. They're wrong. We went there, nine times and we landed on six of those attempts. But I can understand why the mind would rebel against the thought.

Then there's those 9/11 conspiracy idiots. I hate Bush, therefore Bush would clearly have done something hateful. Sadly, the evidence they often use is easily refutable (a common stance with these conspiracy loving folk), but is so easily explained by pure incompetence. And while we did see some malice from the Bush Administration, we sure as hell saw tons of incompetence. Why should we assume 9/11 is any different?

What is unique about these birthers is that they aren't seeking to explain away a past event as hidden for profit, but they are seeking to actually remove a sitting president from office, and discredit his entire life story. I suppose it's akin to what was happening with 9/11 really, but instead of attacking Bush's supposed actions, they are trying to discredit a man's birth, something he has no control over. Really, they're attacking the late S. Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. of lying.

Why aren't they accusing the current president of lying? Because the evidence that Barack Obama II was born in the USA is incontrovertible. Not only does he have a birth certificate, there are announcements placed in the local newspapers from the same period of time. There also isn't a shred of evidence that the man was born anywhere else.

Let me make this clear: if you want Barack Obama to not be born in the USA, despite a massive preponderance of evidence that he was, then you are a moron. I can understand not wanting the man to be president. That's absolutely your right, and I agree with you. But a serious challenge to a president's citizenship has never happened, and I can't believe that it is innocuous of the man's skin colour and name. You're probably a racist if you want BHO to be removed from office. And that's the end of the story.

I said earlier that I think this is worse than the 9/11 conspiracy fucktards, and here's why: wanting 9/11 to be a government job is a defense mechanism. Nobody wants their government to fuck up that badly. But wanting Obama to be a Kenyan is being done out of pure malice.

And that is why the media needs to stop giving birthers attention. Nobody gives 9/11 conspiracy theorists attention; it's only the internet that they survive on. But giving birthers attention encourages them, it makes them think they belong in the debate...when they don't. They don't belong in the debate. Stop giving them attention, and treat them like the freak shows they are.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know. I felt the "swifboating" of John Kerry was just as malicious, hateful and ugly. But you are certainly right that "birthers" are world class morons.

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